Vietnam Production Site Profile

◆Company name:   

   V2U International Limited


   100% owned by LTS Group

◆Space : 

   2,000-meter square (1st Stage)

◆Employee number :

   70 persons in total (1st Stage)

   2500-3000PCS/per day

   Lead time: 45 days

   Including Direct Labor 60+

   Officer 10

Location Benefit of Vietnam Production Site

30km far from Hanol In the North, Bac Giang Is one of the provinces attracting speclal attentlon to domestic and forelgn Investors. It Is Bac Giang speclal thing that It is on a breeding ground and meets demand for transport with all kinds of vehlcles. Van Trung Industrial Park Is located along Natlonal HIghway 1A to Vletnam - China border, belonglng to Viet Yen District and Yen Dung District, Bac Giang Province.

Location of Vietnam Product Site

From 2020,  the local supply chain will be built up step by step.  The Goal is to be 100% supplied in Vietnam

Production Site Set Up schedule